Summertime II

07 April 2011

Second day of our vacation was full of activities. First, we woke up early in order to enjoy the whole day inside Crown Regency. Mom and Denise had buffet breakfast at the 2nd floor, while Justin, Kyle and I went to McDonald’s.

Kyle took some photos of us while eating and after eating. We called it the “Triple J” bonding because the 3 of us have names that start with letter J (Janine, Jeffrey, Justin). Sharing! Anyway, it was really funny because the ones seated beside us were noisy. One person was even singing so loud. Kyle even made a comment but he whispered it to us: Ikaw na may magandang voice. Gahd. That was just mean, okay? :p

We got bored in the end so we went back to Crown. My brothers and I decided to check out the pool, so we went up to the 19th floor, crossed the bridge going to Club Ultima, and went inside their elevator. We forgot where the pool was located so we went out and asked the guy. He told us that we have to return to Crown and go down to the 9th floor. He was referring to the outdoor pool. Fail 😐 Anyway, we waited for mom and Denise at the lobby. We all went to Club Ultima once again and finally reached the indoor pool. It was at 17th floor, by the way. Haha! 😀
A photo with my siblings: (L-R) Denise, Me, Justin, Kyle… swimming at Club Ultima 😀
Seems like blue is the motif. Haha! My pedicure matched the color of the tiles in the pool 😉

My current profile picture on Tumblr! 🙂 It was about time to post a new one. Hah!

We went back to the hotel room at 10 A.M. We took turns in using the bathroom before enjoying the rest of the day. Since swimming can make one hungry (and it was almost lunch time when we finished freshening up), we decided to have lunch in Robinson’s. It was just a walk away from Crown 🙂 I love how convenient it was for us!

The moment we arrived there, mom asked what we wanted to have for lunch. Anything was fine for me as long as I can have a fulfilled tummy afterwards 😉 In one corner, my mom saw this stall and we ended up buying there. It was none other than LECHON, the most famous food in Cebu. I love lechon even though it is bad for the heart. Cholesterol much? Haha!
250 g of lechon for only Php 100! We ordered for 4 coz we were so hungry. ‘Nuff said.

We went to the supermarket to buy toiletries, food, and some drinks before heading back to the hotel. Mom had an appointment at the spa at 1 P.M. She told us to use the rest of the facilities and meet up after 3 hours. Wow. That long for a salt & sugar body scrub? Kay.

My siblings and I went to the 18th floor and purchased tickets for the 4-D experience. We chose “Museum of Horrors” and waited for our turn to go inside. Only the 4 of us were there so we had the liberty to choose which row we wanted to seat on. At first, I had no idea what it was like. They said that it will only last for 15 minutes. I even thought that it was like Rialto of Enchanted Kingdom :)) But you know, it was actually surprising. I “felt” the rats on my legs, the saliva of the T-rex, and the pounding of the floor. It was so mind blowing! We wanted to watch “Lost Island” because the kids before us were shouting like crazy! Guess it was scarier. Haha
We have 4-D glasses! So excited because it was our first time to experience this 🙂

We finished at 2 P.M. and we played billiards afterwards. Facts about Nine #7: I do not know how to play billiards. HAHAHAHA! At least I’m trying to learn how, okay? I was able to shoot some! That was an achievement =)) We played some board games until 4 coz it was too early to have some snacks. I promised my siblings that I’ll treat them in Starbucks… and I actually did 😀

Got this for free after I purchased my grande mint tea! 🙂 It was the 90th birthday of Chairman Bienvenido R. Tantoco, Sr. of Starbucks Philippines. Nice marketing you got there 😉

I waited for them to finish eating before we went back to our room. We just watched TV, edited photos, and rested before preparing for the night. In our agenda, we were going to start with the rides and then dinner. The boys wanted to try out the Edge Coaster which is located at the 38th floor. Gahd! It was so freaking scary. I kept on shouting at my brother when he even tilted their seat!@_@
See what I mean? You can just notice the city lights! 😐 They were at the edge… of the 38th floor! Scary.

We went one floor down for the Skywalk. My siblings were able to experience it. Since it was for 15 minutes, my mom and I went ahead at Sparkz, the place where the buffet dinner was.

Den, are you enjoying the endless buffet experience this summer? hahahaha!

After dinner, we checked out their photos at Skywalk. Someone called me and then it was Tor! She was also there :)) We talked about how our vacation is going, SDL, and also our grades. Of course, we had our picture taken. Haha! :p
Together for the whole second semester and we’re still together even if we’re out of town. Haha! I love the SDL vibe in Cebu :->

And here’s a bottle of Tanduay Ice to end the night. I love this drink so much. Cheers! 😀

Watch out for the last two parts of my Cebu vacation 🙂


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